FREE LIVE drawing broadcast for subscribers every Monday and Wednesday

21:30 pm (GMT+8)



































i'm living in other country, can i join?
yes, worldwide

can you mail the drawing to me after being drawn?
yes, you will just need to pay for the mailing fee

will there be additional charges?
no, this is FREE drawing for my fans/subscribers, all you need to pay is the mailing fee

there are so so many people registered, do i even stand a chance and be picked for your drawings?
yes for sure, i didn't pick randomly.
i used to pick randomly a while ago. But when i found out people don't always show up for their drawing after picked, both on my FB page and Youtube channel, I was kind of sad to see those homeless drawings laying around for months. So to avoid this situation from happening again, i will be picking regular visitors/commenters for participating LIVE chat sessions or posts first. And if you are patient enough, your enthusiastic support will be 100% replied.

what can i do to have a bigger chance and less waiting time?
always comment, join our chat room when we're having LIVE drawing session and say "hi" to me. I have everyone's name in record to keep myself motivated and make very sure that active friends are picked first. 

so what is your LIVE broadcasting schdeule?

every Monday & Wednesday
21:30 (GMT+8) - for fans/subscribers 

every Friday
20:30 (GMT+8) - for animals stars  

i'm in a different time zone so it would be impossible for me to join LIVE session, what am i supposed to do?
if you can not make it for the LIVE, feel free to leave comments within 3 days of the LIVE broadcast, your comment will still be counted.

i don't understand your language while your were drawing LIVE
not a problem at all! Even though i'm not a native English speaker, i will still try to answer you if you drop a message and let me know you were there

can i submit a pic of me with my pet?
only animals' pic are accepted for LIVE free drawing session. (but if you eager to have yourself and your pet drawn together, you might consider my commisioned drawing and give yourself another piece of great memories)

can i enroll again after being picked?
yes, feel free to enroll and register for another round

i don't have a FB AC or YouTube AC
please register one if you really want to have my drawings, i'm doing this for FREE for my supporters and it would also be hard for me ro reach out for an "anonymous visitor" ;)

why can't i leave msg in the LIVE session?
perhaps you are viewing while using mobile mode? Please make sure you are using the updated YouTube app




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